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History :

Amrut Pharmaceuticals started in 1938 as “Ayurvedamruta Pharmacy” by Dr.Sharad’s father, the late Vaidyaraj Shri Ramachandra Joshi & mother Smt. Mai, it was run as a small house-hold venture. Upon his father’s death in 1977, Dr. Sharad Joshi took over the firm and through his dynamism and vision began transforming the tiny unit into a multi-core manufacturer of Ayurvedic medicines under the new name of “Amrut Pharmaceuticals”.

Dr.Sharad Joshi embarked on an extensive promotional campaign to create awareness of Amrut Pharmaceuticals as a manufacturer of quality products. Soon “Amrut Pharmaceuticals” became a house-hold name. Sales boomed. Depots were opened at Kolhapur, Cochin and Hyderabad.

In 1982, Dr Sharad Joshi moved production to a new and modern plant, Amrutnagar, on the outskirts of Belgaum. Here Dr.Sharad Joshi made generous application of modern production techniques and enlightened personnel management.

Dr.Sharad Joshi was a scholar and carried out extensive research in Ayurveda. Besides doing . and Ayurveda Bishak(A.B.), he obtained M.A. & L.L.B. degrees. He was well known in social and cultural circles.

The legacy left behind by Dr. Sharad Joshi is being rigorously followed and practised and it is the endeavour of the management to fulfill his cherished dreams.