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The Amrut Legacy

Reading the path visualized by Late Dr.Sharad Joshi, Amrut Pharmaceuticals is a saga of envisioned accomplishments. The high values inculcated by him and his foresight, has led Amrut Pharma through the thick and the thin, for nearly seven decades of its existence. Sowed by the late Ramachandra & Smt.Mai Joshi, Amrut Pharma has been nurtured by Dr.Sharad Joshi into multi core, multifaceted giant.

Realizing the potential of ayurvedic medicine, Dr. Sharad Joshi initiated awareness drives to underline the effectiveness and safety associated with the use of ayurvedic products manufactured by us. The mass appeal soon made Amrut Pharma Products a necessity in every household. The anticipated, overwhelming demand was met by spreading the ambit of Amrut Pharma to Kolhapur, Cochin.

Keeping pace with the advances in technology, a modern, state of the art plant was commissioned at Amrutnagar, Belgaum. The latest techniques applied by the best of the technicians, created a bench mark in efficient human resource management and the manufacture of high quality ayurvedic medicine.
The cost effective quality production made Amrut Pharma an immensely popular brand in the field of medicine.

Dr. Sharad Joshi was a versatile and resourceful person with a bachelor’s degree in science, arts and law, and a degree in ayurveda “Ayurved Bishak”. He worked for social and cultural causes and enjoyed a very active social and public life with commitment and benevolence.

Amrut Pharma will always follow the high values and the ethos imbibed by Dr.Sharad Joshi, while striving all the time to keep his legacy alive in order to realize his un-cherished dreams.