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Objectives of Amrut Social Foundation :

  1. To Provide educational facilities, like establishment of kindergartens, schools, colleges etc.
  2. To provide facilities for cultural activities and moral development activities, games etc.
  3. To provide medical facilities to the general public by opening hospitals, Nursing homes etc.
  4. To Collect grains for food bank for distribution to the gene al public in case of Natural calamities like food, earthquake etc.
  5. To provide relief to the poor, in various forms.
  6. To help needy &, poor students for educational fees & collect & distribute note Books, papers etc.
  7. To introduce Ayurvedic treatment, Yoga treatment to the public by way demonstrations, News papers pamphlets, literatures etc.
  8. To do work under General Grant in-aid scheme of Assistance to voluntary organizations in the filed of women and child Development. Employment cum-income generating units for women (NORAD) Education work for the prevention of Atrocities on women. Holiday camps, speaches, day care centers for children of working and ailing mothers, Development of the Disadvantaged groups for tribal pupils welfare, Disabled welfare. The Rehabilitation of Leprosy cured persons and old age homes Disadvantaged Child Development and Welfare and Welfare of Street Children. To take scheme for Beggary prevention.
  9. To take schemes from government for self employment i.e integrated Rural Development programs, TRYSEM, SECRA, JRA, IAY, M.W.S., I.J.R.Y., Drought Prone Area program, Desert development programs, Watershed Development waste land Development, Rural Housing Scheme ., HUDCO Schemes. Employment Assurance Scheme, National Social Assistance Programs, National old age pension Scheme, National Family Benefit Scheme, National Maternity Benefit Scheme, Special Scheme for N.G.O., National Pulse Development schemes special Food grains production Programs for Mazie and Millets, Oil seed Production Programs, Drip Installation, Drip Demonstration, Green House and mulching. Assistance to small and marginal farmers. Package program on fruit Nursery Programs, scheme for mushroom cultivation, promotion of aromatic plants, financing SHGs through N.G.Os. Rural entrepreneurship Development Programs, Training - cum-Production Centers, To assistance to rural women in non-farm Development I.R.D.P. Schemes., Bio-Gas Development Programs, Solar Thermal Programs, in rural area and Urban area. Social Security Programs. Adult Education Programs.
  10. To conduct and promote sports and Education through its club in the Rural area.
  11. To establish Sports Centers and Institutions at the various places in the rural areas with a view to provide facilities and assistance's for the Development of sports and get the Land, from the government to construct Gymnasiums to develop indoor sports like Carom, Chess, Valley Boll, Table Tennis, Badminton, etc., and raise funds from Government also provide modern equipment's and the accessories with proper knowledge and skill of their utilization.
  12. To acquire or obtain property both movable and immovable for the welfare of the society. To Open blood banks, and Ambulance facilities.
  13. To conduct the group marriages and functions of poor pupils from society.
  14. To run and arrange the hospital facilities at village area.
  15. To promote welfare of women, children, widow orphans handicapped, destitute old alters, youths, B.C.people slim area residence, Devdasi etc., by organizing all types of welfare activities and providing necessary aid and help to those people for their socio economic development.
  16. To promotion of Charity and to impart knowledge regarding skill development in handicrafts and self-employment training centers.
  17. To eradicate the social evils like Devdasi systems, child marriages, untouchabilities and atrocities of the SC/ST by approaching appropriate authorities and by implementing the educational activities like training program etc. and to start rehabilitation centers.
  18. To open diagnostic centers and medical shops.
  19. To undertake supply of food grains and other commodities to the Hostels/Anganwadi Schools/Balwadies and primary schools and other such works of the departments of women and child welfare/social welfare backward class and minorities and also of central government departments.
  20. To establish financial institutions in the form of co-operative societies and banks for the welfare of the society.
  21. To undertake scheme works from government for self-employment i.e. integrated, rural development programs like: TRYESEM/DWCRA/HJRY/M.W.S.I./JRY/DROUGH PRONE AREA PROGRAMS/DESERT DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMS/WATERSHED DEVELOPMENT/WASTE LAND DEVELOPMENTS AND SOTHER N.G.O's Programs and special food grains production programs etc.
  22. To grant of medical help and food help to deserving persons during epidemic, famine, flood earthquake or any unforeseen calamity or war or war like operation, riots, civil commotion's and similar occurrences.
  23. To construct Samudaya Bhavan ,Kalyan Mantap, Cultural hall and all types of buildings.
  24. To arrange the lecturers on various topics for the development of personalities and promote social intellectual activities of the society.
  25. To start and run the old age home, destitute cottage, Shishupalana Kendra, childcare center,Hosa Hejje etc.
  26. To provide free legal aid to the needy and deserving persons.
  27. To conduct the CAPART scheme.
  28. Generally to take such other steps as may be necessary to similarity the social economic and civil political conditions of the members.
  29. To get the Anthyodaya Programs for widow.
  30. To get the schemes from B.C.M. office, Social welfare office, Womens and child welfare department, Zilla panchayat, Taluka panchayat, Deputy commissioner and other state and central government schemes.
  31. To conduct the aids awareness Programs, drug addict rehabilitation centers.
  32. To help the poor and deserving businessman to do and to improve their business by providing interest free financial assistance and information about their business.
  33. To undertake and participate in Programs pertaining, employment etc., in the fields of rural and urban agricultural development.
  34. To establish pre-primary, primary and high school and junior colleges degree colleges.
  35. To engage in the education of the rural and urban poor for developmental activities.
  36. To help the involvement and education of youth in activities in related to development.
  37. To undertake study and research on modern agriculture technology.
  38. To advance and diffuse information on educational matters, formal and informal and development and with object to subsidize for collect document, print publish issue and circulate bulletins papers pamphlets, periodicals, books, journals etc., on Education, Environmental, Agricultural rural development and other related subjects.
  39. To conduct or participates in seminars, study circles camps, fields trip-lecturers, conferences, statistical economic sociological surveys, research and training Programs, audio-visual and mass media services, exhibitions etc, in accordance with the furtherance of the objectives of the society.
  40. To organize, promote administer, aid , centers of community activity in accordance with and in furtherance of the objectives of the society.
  41. To start and run the residential schools and affiliate schools and central syllabus schools.
  42. To start and run the library science, laboratory science, B.Pharm, M.Pharm and other institutions.
  43. To conduct adult literacy classes, vocational training schools.
  44. To start and run the Industrial training institutions, Diploma colleges, I.I.T institutions and technical colleges etc.
  45. To establish English medium schools, free hostels , library, cultural halls, Music and Drama theatres art galleries, mini museums of rural folkart and gymnastic halls etc.
  46. To start and run the sports schools.
  47. To start and run the medical colleges like allopathic, Ayurvedica, Homeopathi and rural Ayurvedic colleges and to open Hospitals etc.
  48. To start and run the laboratories and research centers. To start and run the special schools for physical handicapped persons and child labors and destitute children's.
  49. To start and run the self-employment training institutions.
  50. To do other charitable activities which are incidental to the objects mentioned above.